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So the washing machine is not spinning, and going out and buying a new one was not exactly on this month’s budget. No need to panic, let us put our appliance repair experience to work for you. Washing machines, dryers, stoves, and dishwashers can often times be repaired at the fraction of the cost that it would be to replace them. If you aren’t sure if it would be better for you to have your appliance repaired or for you to get a new one, you can call us out to have a look at what is going on so that we can provide you with an honest opinion that is in your best interest. All of our repairs include a 30 day warranty on labor so you can have peace of mind that the job is getting done right the first time. Feel free to call us for an expert opinion or repair request for your major appliance today.

Types of Appliances and Repairs We Offer:

Commercial Appliance Repair –

Please see a full list of our Commercial Appliance Repair Services here.

Freezer Repair –

We repair all types of freezers, including upright freezers, chest freezers, drawer freezers, and refrigerator / freezer combos. Common problems are: the freezer won’t turn on when plugged in, frost build up from the freezer overcooling, the freezer is not properly cooling when the door has been shut and controls are properly set, the freezer door seals are damaged, the freezer is making unusual or loud noises. If you are experiencing any of these problems, call us to give you a professional assessment of the situation so your freezer can be up and running properly again in no time.

Refrigerator Repair – 

At Randy’s Heating and Air Conditioning we are well-versed in handling a wide range of refrigerators and common problems with these appliances. We work on all types of residential refrigerator including: Top freezer refrigerators, Bottom freezer refrigerators, French door refrigerators, Side-by-side refrigerators, Compact refrigerators, and Freezerless refrigerators. Whether your refrigerator is not cooling properly, not coming on, running loudly or any other issue, you can count on us to give you an honest assessment and speedy repair if needed. We also install water filtration systems. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a technician to come out and asses and/or repair the problem for you.

Ice Maker Repair

Freezers ice makers, portable ice machines, built in, and free stand ice machines are the most common types of residential ice machines that we repair. Common problems with ice machines include: your freezer is not getting cold enough, problems with the freezer switch, defective water inlet valve, low incoming water pressure, the door switch is malfunctioning, failure of ice level control board, a clogged water filter, the thermostat for the ice mold is defective, water leaking in the machine, ice cube production is poor or has come to a complete hault. If you are experiencing any of these issues with your ice machine we can have your machine set to smooth sailing in no time at all.

Stovetop, Ovens, and Range Repair – 

When it comes to the important things in life, food preparation is definitely at the top of the list. When your Stovetop, oven or range goes out or malfunctions, the inconvenience can certainly cause frustration in the household. Common problems with ovens and ranges are: Burner(s) is not coming on, burner(s) is too hot, regardless of setting, the indicator light does not turn off, the oven door is stuck closed, the oven is not heating or is heating poorly, the oven is not self-cleaning properly, the oven temperatures are erratic, the oven is not baking correctly or the broiler is not working. If you are experiencing any of these problems, let us use our expertise to repair and restore your stovetop and oven to great working condition again. We work on all types and sizes of Ovens and Ranges.

Microwave Repair –

Microwaves are a common household appliance that brings convenience to modern day life by sending radiation to food and warming or cooking it in no time at all. It is important to keep your microwave in tip top shape to make sure that it cooks evenly, and that the radiation it uses stays inside of it. Damaged seals, microwave isn’t working, sparks inside the microwave, turntable is not rotating, microwave isn’t heating food, touchpad only works intermittently. We are able to work on all types and brands of microwaves.

Washing Machine Repair –

We service both top and side loading washing machines of all makes and models. In most families washing machines are a must, and when yours breaks down it can be a major hassle, causing you to lose time and money by having to visit the laundromat. Common washing machine problems include: washing machine won’t turn on, washing machine is not spinning properly or at all, there is no agitation, washing machine is leaking or not draining properly, water is not getting cold or hot, washing machine is leaving spots or soap on the clothes. No matter what the problem is, we want to be your trusted local appliance repair provider. Call us today for an honest repairman that you can trust.

Dryer Repair –

Keeping your dryer running efficiently can help you to save money. Just like any other appliance, when your drier isn’t working properly it throws a monkey wrench in daily life. Let us help you keep your dryer running like new. If you are experiencing any of the following issues, give us a call, we can help! Common issues with dryers include: the dryer won’t run at all, dryer isn’t producing heat or is producing very low or high heat, dryer drum is not spinning. We work on all makes, models and types of dryers.

Dishwasher Repair –

Dishwashers are a true modern day convenience, washing and sanitizing loads of dishes while you watch your favorite after dinner program. When the dishes start coming out with a murky residue, or are not getting cleaned at all, it means that you will be spending more time at the kitchen sink unless you get the problem repaired by a professional. We offer repair services for all makes and models of dishwashers. The most common problems that arise with dishwashers are: Dishwasher is leaking out onto the floor or into cabinets, glassware is coming out cloudy, dishes are not properly cleaned, the water is not pumping out, the wash cycle runs too long, or just hums then shuts off, the dishwasher does not fill with water. If you are experiencing any problems with your dishwasher, give us a call so we can repair your machine in no time at all.

Trash Compactor –

Trash compactors are a great way to reduce the volume of waste that your household puts out to be collected by your local waste collection company. Depending on the model, trash compactors can reduce 6 bags of trash down to one single 30 lb trash bag. We offer repair services for under the counter, freestanding, and convertible trash compactors. If your compactor is noisy, has a bad odor, or isn’t working properly give us a call today and we will send a technician out to have your compactor running like new again.

Maintenance on all Major Appliances –

Wine coolers, vent hoods, garbage disposals, and outdoor kitchen appliances such as built in grills are among other types of appliances that we offer service for. Don’t see our appliance listed? Give us a call and we will let you know if we can repair or maintain your appliance.

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