At Randy’s Heating and AC it is not only our goal to provide great service, but to also help inform our customers on best practices when it comes to maintaining and preventing air conditioning problems.

If you have ever spent a hot summer in East Texas without a working Air Conditioner, you know that it is an experience that you don’t want to repeat. To help make sure that your chances of an AC breakdown is reduced,¬†we have listed the most common problems with air conditioners that we encounter as professionals, and how you can care for your home or business’ AC unit.

    Your air conditioner’s evaporator coils require that warm air circulates across them. This removes the humidity from the air in your home. Their main role is to absorb humidity from the air, in turn helping to make the air cooler. When they freeze up, it means a layer of ice or dirt/dust has built up on the outside and the airflow is severely restricted, or stopped completely.
    PREVENT IT – One of the most common ways that you can prevent the coils from freezing up is to change the air filter on a monthly basis. This helps to keep dust and debris out of the coils, and ensures proper airflow throughout them.
    Your air conditioning unit’s condenser coils are in the part of your system that is located outside of your home or business. It’s function is to get rid of the heat that is removed from the air by placing it outside of the building. If the condenser coils become covered with dirt or grime, it causes the unit to work much harder, and thus can cause parts to wear out much faster than they normally would.
    PREVENT IT – You can help to prevent the coils from getting so dirty by keeping the area where the outside portion of your unit is located free of debris. Leaves, tall grass, and other debris should be removed when possible. You should also have your coils professionally cleaned at least once a year. It will keep your AC unit running efficiently and increase it’s lifespan.
  3. LEAKING DUCTS – Your ducts are what carries the cool air throughout your walls and ceiling. If these ducts have holes or tears, you are loosing cool air into spaces that do not need to be cooled. This can be caused by either careless workers who may have at any time worked on your home/business, or by rodents.
    PREVENT IT – While you can’t always prevent this issue, you can catch it within a reasonable amount of time with biannual maintenance visits (once in the spring for your AC and once in the fall for your furnace).
    Incorrectly calibrated thermostats can make your AC run for the wrong amount of time, at the wrong time. This especially is true for older style thermostats. At Randy’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we can check the calibration of your thermostat during your regular maintenance visits.
    PREVENT IT РThis problem can be fixed easily by recalibrating or replacing your thermostat. Sometimes setting up your thermostat can be tricky, if you still have the manual check to make sure that your settings are still correct.

The most important thing to remember is that almost all problems that occur with air conditioners can be prevented with regular maintenance by a HVAC professional. Randy’s Heat and Air Conditioning provides these professional maintenance visits on a one time, biannual, or yearly basis. We also offer special rates for those who choose to purchase several years of maintenance at once. This allows you to lock in a rate for the years to come, and rest knowing that the car of your AC unit is in good hands. Give us a call today to find out how we can serve you in helping your home or business to stay comfortable all year long.